Sunday, February 22, 2009

China's Communication Standards Association Adds 2.5G EPON

China's Communications Standards Association (CCSA) has added 2.5G EPON as a standard specification for fiber-based broadband access networks. CCSA's adoption of 2.5G EPON enables service providers to offer more bandwidth per subscriber for MTU (Multiple Tenant Units), including residential and business subscribers.

Teknovus, which supplies GEPON chips) hailed the news, noting that China is poised to surpass Japan with the largest number of fiber subscribers by year-end. China ended 2008 with more than 8 million FTTx subscribers and is expected to reach more than 20 million fiber subscribers by year-end 2009. EPON is the dominant fiber architecture accounting for more than 95% of the existing and planned deployments.

Teknovus said its 2.5G EPON chips, known as Turbo-EPON, are fully compliant with CCSA's specifications.

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