Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ceragon Introduces LTE-Ready Backhaul Solutions

Ceragon Networks introduced its Mobile Architecture for Service Transport (MAST) -- a network architecture that goes beyond "pure transport" to include an interoperable ecosystem, enabling operators to use multiple backhaul and networking alternatives. The architecture encompasses Ceragon's FibeAir family of products along with multi-functional network solutions from Ceragon partners.

Ceragon's MAST features targets network transition in three main layers: Transport, Network and Service. The goal is to support a broad range of transport applications for access and aggregation backhaul. At the network layer, Ceragon MAST supports NG-SDH/SONET, Hybrid native TDM and native IP (Native2), Pseudowire, carrier-grade Ethernet and pure IP. In addition, MAST offers a comprehensive set of service tools to ensure end-to-end QoS and OA&M that help to further increase network efficiency and optimization.

"As mobile networks evolve beyond simple connectivity, operators must address new network challenges. This need will only intensify with the advent of LTE which requires higher capacities, and enhanced performance," said Ira Palti, President and CEO of Ceragon. "The MAST concept brings together the technology, skills and expertise required for successfully constructing complete LTE-ready backhaul architectures. We continue to strengthen our product portfolio to support our customers' legacy networks - while allowing them to gradually grow their performance and capacity."http://www.ceragon.com