Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Calix Partners with Xangati for Application Management

Calix announced a reseller relationship with Xangati to offer an application management solution for service providers. This formalized relationship reflects the positive service provider response to initial integration efforts between the Calix Management System (CMS) and the Xangati Application Management 2.0 solution announced in June 2008.

Calix supplies a broadband access platform. The integration of Xangati with the Calix CMS provides a 360-degree perspective into every network subscriber's application usage and overall traffic. A single two-rack unit appliance, the Xangati solution plugs into any available data management network port and is treated as just another operations support system in the back office. The solution has zero-footprint in the network, with no hardware probes or software agents. Service providers can use the combination of Xangati and CMS to dramatically lower OPEX by remotely identifying, diagnosing, and resolving many network problems without dispatching a field technician to the subscriber premises.

"Subscriber application visibility is a must-have for service providers today," says Phil Fine, Calix director of market development for multiservice management. "The confluence of a variety of bandwidth-intensive applications, malware, and viruses that affect network performance and user experience, and the need for effective yet efficient customer service, create a unique and growing challenge for service providers. Calix and Xangati address this challenge head-on with an integrated solution that provides unprecedented visibility throughout the network down to every application and every subscriber."

Xangati's rapid problem identification solution does not rely on agents or probes. It collects packet data traversing the network and correlates this with application performance over time. By tracking changes in expected network performance, the Xangati solution is able to identify problems before end-users become aware of them. Unlike deep packet inspection (DPI) solutions, Xangati does not open the individual packets but instead analyzes the applications flows across the network.

Xangati's Application Management 2.0 utilizes concepts such as streaming, collaboration, and user-generated content to form a comprehensive system for managing networked application service levels. The browser-based user interface enables network administrators to get a real-time, visual view of application traffic originating with particular end-users in the network. A DVR-like capability captures data of application behavior in specific time slots, thus facilitating network trouble ticket resolution.

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