Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Amdocs Service Fulfillment for Carrier Ethernet and MPLS IP VPN

Amdocs introduced two new Operational Product Packs for the fulfillment of Carrier Ethernet and MPLS IP VPN. The packs provide service providers with complete service fulfillment functionality - from designing services, assigning the correct resources, through to activating and delivering the services.

Amdocs said its operational product packs $have been configured to support a particular process, such as planning, fulfillment, or network management, for a specific service or technology. The new packs for Carrier Ethernet and MPLS combine best-practice, service-fulfillment business processes together with proven service-fulfillment products from the Amdocs CES - Cramer OSS 7.5 offering.

Amdocs also offers a Backhaul Management pack, which helps mobile operators to roll out new networks, and a DSL fulfillment pack, which automates the fulfillment process for DSL.