Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AIRCOM and Aria Partner on Backhaul Optimization

AIRCOM International announced a partnership with Aria Networks, a provider of forecasting, planning and optimization solutions for fixed-line and mobile network carriers. Under this partnership AIRCOM will market, distribute and support Aria's iVNT software suite to its partners and mobile telecoms customers around the world.

The companies said backhaul transmission infrastructure transformation is an important part of most mobile operators' strategies, but the planning and optimization of these networks is complex, time-consuming and requires highly skilled staff. AIRCOM, with over 3.5 million man hours experience of network optimization and design will leverage Aria's iVNT suite to provide products and solutions that will enable its customers to reduce the complexity and time it takes to plan the backhaul network.

"In this current economic climate and with the ever-increasing demand from the user to provide high-speed data access, operators need to ensure that their backhaul network cost-effectively meets the demands of their customers. AIRCOM is increasingly seeing the need from our customers for the planning and optimization of the entire network infrastructure - from the handset to the core, but with a new focus on the transformation of the capital-intensive mobile backhaul infrastructure," said Ricky Watts, AIRCOM's director of solutions and innovation.

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