Monday, January 26, 2009

Yankee Group Predicts $1 Trillion Global Connectivity Market by 2012

Despite the overall turmoil in the global economy, the Yankee Group predicts that consumer demand for broadband connectivity experiences will drive a $1 trillion market worldwide in the next five years. Specifically, Yankee Group analysts believe the emergence of the Anywhere Consumer -- a consumer who's able to connect to personalized, interactive content, communities and commerce at any time from anywhere -- will be among the most significant global trends in the next decade. Yankee Group data reveals:

  • The 3.9 billion network connections worldwide generated almost $800 billion in revenue in 2008 for network operators.

  • Connections will grow another 21 percent to nearly $1 trillion dollars by 2012.

  • Globally, consumers will add broadband lines, both wired and wireless, at a compound annual growth rate of 23 percent. In China, the growth will be almost double, at 40 percent, while the U.S. mirrors the global rate at 23 percent. Broadband connections will grow to become nearly 2 billion of the 4.9 billion total consumer lines in 2012.