Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yahoo! Advances its Widget Engine for Broadband-enabled TVs

Yahoo! unveiled its vision for Internet-connected televisions and announced related technology distribution partnerships with Samsung, Sony, LG Electronics and VIZIO. Specifically, Yahoo! is aiming for wide distribution of its Widget Engine in next gen televisions. TV Widgets enable popular Internet services and online media to reach viewers with applications specifically tailored to the needs of the television watcher.

In August, Yahoo! and Intel announced the Widget Channel, their joint initiative to foster innovation in the connected TV space. Reinforcing Yahoo!'s open strategy, the company in partnership with Intel, released the Widget Development Kit (WDK). This will enable developers to create TV Widgets and effectively reach millions of consumers and help foster the creation of a connected TV ecosystem.

The Yahoo! Widget Engine is based on the "Konfabulator" widget platform for PC, which has been re-engineered specifically for consumer electronics devices. In August 2008, Yahoo! and Intel announced a partnership providing the Internet's developers and publishers with the tools needed to create exciting and engaging interactive TV Widgets.

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