Friday, January 23, 2009

XO Offers New Tools for Optimizing Applications Across IP MPLS

XO Communications announced a suite of network tools for giving its MPLS IP-VPN customers even greater levels of visibility and control over their business applications by using a private web-based interface to select between three service levels.

The XO Applications Performance Management suite provides real-time and historical network, server and applications statistics. XO said this enhanced, panoramic visibility enables network managers to quickly identify performance issues, determine if they are application or network specific, and make adjustments to bandwidth and Class of Service settings to optimize maximum network efficiency and bandwidth utilization. Specifically, XO Applications Performanchttp:/e Management can help businesses:

XO Applications Performance Management is fully integrated with XO MPLS IP-VPN, XO's private, managed wide area networking solution that enables businesses to connect offices, customers and partners and converge a wide range of voice, video and data applications over a single IP network infrastructure. The three tiers include:

Tier 1 -- Network Performance: Provides a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute snapshot of network performance, including:

  • Analysis of physical access type, port and circuit;

  • Traffic flows by location from the physical to the application layer;

  • Live views of service-level metrics such as packet delay, packet delivery ratio, Jitter and availability;

  • End-to-end performance validation of every XO Class of Service and bandwidth use by Class of Service; and

  • Network layer troubleshooting alarms.

Tier 2 -- Network and Applications Performance: Provides all of the capabilities of Tier 1, plus:
  • Protocol analyzer capabilities that capture live traffic of applications across all locations;

  • Autodiscovery of applications, services and users across the entire network;

  • Monitoring of server connect and response times; and

  • Threshold alarms for applications and servers.

Tier 3 -- Network, Applications and VoIP Performance: Provides all of the capabilities of Tier 1 and 2, plus:

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