Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Verizon Wireless Invested $6.5 Billion in Net Improvements in 2008

In 2008, Verizon Wireless invested $6.5 billion to enhance its nationwide digital network. The enhancements included building new and upgrading existing cell sites; adding new coverage areas and increasing capacity within existing coverage areas; and completing a high-speed wireless broadband network expansion.

Since the company was formed in 2000, Verizon Wireless has invested more than $50 billion -- an average of $5.5 billion each year -- on improvements to its network.

Verizon Wireless also noted that during 2008 its test engineers drove more than 1 million miles to test the company's and competitors' networks. Data collected by these test men and women helped the company direct its multi-billion dollar network capital expenditure program and is the basis for the company's "most reliable network" claim. According to the company, the voice reliability test results consistently show that the rate of ineffective attempts (a call that is blocked) for the Verizon Wireless national network is lower than any other national carrier. The test results also indicate that voice calls that connect on the Verizon Wireless network are more likely to stay connected for the duration of the call. Similarly, the data reliability test results establish that Verizon Wireless is able to set up data sessions and complete large file downloads and uploads at a greater rate of success than its national competitors.