Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SanDisk and LGE Develop Storage-Based Services for Mobile Operators

SanDisk and LG Electronics demonstrated a new means for mobile network operators (MNOs) to offer their customers multimedia-rich services using removable flash memory cards. The memory card serves as a network node that is remotely manageable by the operator using industry-standard TCP/IP and OMA Smart Card Web Server.

Using the system, network operators could distribute preloaded and downloaded content on removable memory cards. The accessibility to the premium content is made possible by enabling memory cards to authenticate user credentials via data on the SIM card.

SanDisk and LG Electronics have implemented the technology on the LG KC910 Renoir handset. The companies said their solution brings flexible storage-based services to network operators by allowing IP connectivity to the memory card in the handset.

"With this advanced technology, handset manufacturers and MNOs will be able to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of consumers who want easy access to premium content on their mobile devices," said Amir Lehr, senior director, business development, SanDisk. "The new LG KC910 Renoir highlights SanDisk's storage-based service delivery technology that is designed to enhance an MNO's ability to facilitate content usage in a flexible manner and lets service providers customize their method of content distribution."

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