Wednesday, January 7, 2009

RMI and SPIRIT Form Strategic Partnership

SPIRIT DSP and RMI Corporation have signed partnership and platform license agreement to deliver high quality voice and video over IP for RMI's Alchemy Processor family, an advanced MIPS-compatible processor solution.

Under the deal, SPIRIT licensed to RMI its TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine bringing high quality wideband real-time voice and video to the next generation electronics based on RMI's highly integrated SoC, starting with the Alchemy Au1250, a power-optimized single-chip media processor.

TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine is a pre-integrated solution that includes a library of highly optimized speech and video codecs, voice and video synchronization tools, speech enhancement algorithms for superior voice quality and network optimizing functionality to handle varying delay (jitter) and packet loss. TeamSpirit is optimized to minimize CPU load and memory consumption, allowing OEMs to lower BOM-costs and to deliver video-enabled products at mass-market price.