Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RAD's Megaplex-4100 Aggregates Ethernet and Legacy over Fiber and Copper

RAD Data Communications introduced an all-in-one cross-generation platform for both legacy and next generation networks.
Version 2.0 of the modular Megaplex-4100, the company's modular central site solution for its widely deployed Multiservice Access Platform (MAP) and copper and fiber Last Mile products, aggregates both next generation Ethernet services over legacy networks and legacy services over packet switched networks (PSNs).

The Megaplex-4100 can terminate Ethernet traffic carried over a wide variety of transport media, including E1/T1, fiber, IDSL, and SHDSL or, using virtual concatenation, STM-1/OC-3 lines. In addition, apart from handling high-speed traffic, the versatile Megaplex-4100 also functions as a cross connect for low-speed data and analog voice.

RAD said the product is designed to meet the requirements of service providers, as well as utility, transportation and government applications. It can be used for separating Ethernet and TDM traffic carried over the same link while providing a variety of different services. For alternative carriers and corporate and campus environments, the device can be used for minimizing the number of trunks that have to be leased from the service provider. Alternative service providers can use the Megaplex-4100 to provision different services to different customers over different infrastructure. In addition, utilities can use it for creating SDH/SONET rings for carrying Ethernet voice and data.