Thursday, January 8, 2009

Panasonic's Broadband-over-Powerline to be included in IEEE Standard

Panasonic announced the approval of its Wavelet OFDM technology as part of the baseline standard by IEEE Standards Association's P1901 Working Group (IEEE P1901), enabling it coexist with other BPL (broadband over powerline) technologies. This coexistence baseline technology was proposed by CEPCA (Consumer Electronics Powerline Communication Alliance), of which Panasonic is a founding member.

Panasonic said its Wavelet OFDM, which is used in HD-PLC (4) products, offers lower power consumption while enabling high-speed data transmission in both home networking and utility access applications using existing powerlines, thus eliminating any need for additional wiring.

The IEEE P1901 Working Group is charged with developing the draft standard for Broadband over Power Line Networks (Media Access Control and Physical Layer). In addition to in-home, access, and coexistence technologies, a transportation technology is also under consideration.