Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pacific Crossing Supplies 160 Gbps Capacity to XO

XO Communications and Pacific Crossing, which operates an undersea cable system, reached a deal for connecting XO's nationwide network and Pacific Crossing's privately owned sub-sea fiber ring.

Specifically, XO has linked to Pacific Crossing's PC-1 network at the company's Grover Beach, Calif., landing station. The station carries data to and from Pacific Crossing landing stations in Shima and Ajigaura Japan, where customers may access major Asian networks and carriers. Landing station facilities have easy access to multiple backhaul providers and are in close proximity to Tokyo and Nagoya, linking the system to major metropolitan areas in Japan, as well as other sub-sea networks serving Asia.

The agreement covers an initial 160 Gbps of capacity (multiple 10 Gbps wavelengths, of which 120 Gbps has already been activated/ This makes the XO-Pacific Crossing transaction one of the largest trans-Pacific telecommunications deals in recent history.