Sunday, January 11, 2009

Motorola Upgrades its Multi-Media Messaging Service Center

Motorola's newly upgraded Multi-Media Messaging Service Center is now delivering commercial service, providing enhanced mobile media experiences for customers of a leading wireless operator in the U.S. Motorola's MMSC enables media mobility by delivering high quality multi-media messaging service composed of audio, text, pictures and video between different devices, technologies and operators, all over a high availability, carrier grade platform. The MMSC provides transcoding for delivery of personalized, on-demand services and content. In addition, the new MMSC incorporates advanced capabilities that facilitate seamless integration with increasingly popular applications such as mobile advertising, social networking and simplified management of user generated content.

"We've been using Motorola's current platform technology on our EV-DO Rev A network to give our customers the best multimedia messaging experience on America's most reliable network," said Dave Hammond, network vice president, Verizon Wireless. "The new MMSC supports the additional performance requirements derived from new drivers such as larger message sizes coming from high resolution cameras and videos, increased number of inter-carrier connections and value added service providers. It also provides more capacity across our network, giving us a more cost efficient way to meet our customers' demands for high-quality multimedia experiences."

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