Monday, January 5, 2009

Motorola Launches IPTV Storefront Engine for Service Providers

Motorola released a new version of its Communications Convergence Engine (CCE) that features an IPTV "storefront" for helping network operators to simplify the process of marketing and bundling IPTV, Internet and physical goods.

Motorola CCE Storefront 1.0 enables IPTV operators to create rich, personalized, on-demand experiences for subscribers as well as the ability to offer new bundled services which include multimedia content. The resulting "storefront experience" allows consumers to browse personalized catalogues of content via TV, web and mobile devices.

The CCE product family includes the Content Manager and Service Broker applications.

"With the latest CCE updates, IPTV operators can differentiate their content packages through personalized offers and promotions, packaged with personalized advertisements, thus getting the most value out of their premium video assets," said Alan Lefkof, general manager and corporate vice president, Broadband Home Gateways and Software, Motorola.