Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Linksys Debuts Cisco Media Hub

Cisco's Linksys division introduced a Media Hub that gathers, organizes, and presents all the digital video, photos and music that users have spread amongst various devices in the home. The Media Hub features iTunes server capabilities.

It automatically searches the network for other media devices to present all available digital media to the user in a single location. Music albums are consolidated and presented together with the appropriate Album Art, regardless of where the tracks reside within the network, eliminating the need to know which device music is stored on. Photos and videos are presented using thumbnail images that are easily organized by date or name. All available media, regardless of type, can be located by using the available search function. Automated backup software is included with the Media Hub to help ensure that digital libraries are protected. The device offers two drive bays and external USB ports for future expandability.