Sunday, January 11, 2009

Italtel Supplies Softswitch for Cable&Wireless Rollout

Italtel has been selected as prime supplier to expand Cable & Wireless Europe, Asia & US (EAUS)'s Voice Transit Evolution (VTE) infrastructure, a Next Generation Network (NGN) deployment.

Specifically, VTE will use an Italtel open softswitch platform and third party Media Gateways to transform Cable & Wireless' legacy voice network with a new all-IP-Telephony core. The rollout expands the capacity of Cable & Wireless' TDM voice networks while providing for seamless integration amongst all of Cable & Wireless' existing and next generation voice platforms. VTE will allow Cable & Wireless to migrate its legacy TDM access switches over to all-IP switches incrementally over time, on an as-needed basis. Financial terms were not disclosed.

VTE is based on the Italtel i-SSW softswitch platform as its core element. Thanks to fully standardized protocols, Italtel's solution interworks with third party Media Gateways, for scalability, flexibility, operational cost reduction, and complete interoperability with the current voice network.

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