Tuesday, January 20, 2009

IP/MPLS Forum Announces Mobile Backhaul Certification Program

The IP/MPLS Forum is launching a formal certification program for mobile backhaul solutions utilizing Circuit Emulation services over MPLS. The certification program introduces a set of strictly-repeatable test procedures, and will be administered through the IP/MPLS Forum's certified lab partner, Iometrix.

The pilot phase of the certification program will conclude in early March, and the forum will announce the first group of certified vendors at the MPLS Ethernet World Congress that will be held in Paris, France, 10-13 February 2009.

The IP/MPLS Forum said its new certification program allows vendors and operators to work together to provide a globally recognized and trusted benchmark for use by backhaul providers, mobile operators and their end users.

"Operators require readily-deployable backhaul solutions today to resolve the bandwidth challenges associated with increasing traffic demands," said Andrew G. Malis, Chairman and President of the IP/MPLS Forum. "The Mobile Backhaul Certification Program represents a needed step in the evolution of MPLS solutions which have already proven in lab trials to be ready to meet the needs of operators around the world."

"The IP/MPLS Forum Certification program will provide assurance that technologies meet industry specifications through an independent testing service. Certification demonstrates that businesses are forming the correct partnerships to deliver an industry-accepted service." said
Christopher Mayer, Vice President - Systems Integration & Testing at Verizon Communications.