Tuesday, January 27, 2009

IntelliNet Unveils Femtocell Gateway

IntelliNet Technologies introduced a femtocell gateway which combines a femtocell access point controller with a carrier grade security gateway in an AdvancedTCA platform. The security gateway was acquired by IntelliNet in 2008 from Azaire Networks and has subsequently been enhanced and is being integrated with the access point controller.

IntelliNet's platform provider network operators with the ability to manage thousands of femtocells simultaneously. The femtocell access point controller is a control plane, software solution. It consolidates the various elements of the Radio Network Controller (RNC) into a single unit, minimizing the complexity and much of the operating cost of a traditional network. Unlike existing Base Station Controllers (BSCs), it is designed to handle the many thousands of access points in the femtocell ecosystem. It is an Iu-based solution for 3G-UMTS networks supporting Iu-PS, Iu-CS and Gn network interfaces to the core network. It implements a pre-standards Iu-h based solution with RANAP and SCTP support and will comply with the final standards.

IntelliNet Technologies said its access point controller has been deployed in several technology trials in tier-1 operator networks through an OEM partner. The platform will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congresshttp://www.intellinet-tech.com