Monday, January 19, 2009

Hibernia Atlantic Lights Fiber from Amsterdam to Dublin and North America

Hibernia Atlantic is launching service on its new route between Amsterdam and its 37 POPs in North America.

The network completely bypasses London's common congested terrestrial fiber routes. Latency on the new Amsterdam to Boston route is now 74 milliseconds making this the fastest available route, according to the company. It also offers the fastest route between Amsterdam and Dublin, Ireland. By using its northern cable, Hibernia's new network shaves two milliseconds off the latency on the existing London to Amsterdam route. The new North London bypass intercepts Hibernia's existing network between Southport and London at Peterborough, approximately 185km North of London. From there it extends eastward to Pakenham where the new constructed route meets Hibernia's existing cable to Amsterdam, approximately 150km North of London.