Monday, January 19, 2009

Harmonic Introduces 1550 NM DWDM System

Harmonic introduced its SUPRALink 1550 nm DWDM transmission system for cable operators. The new SUPRALink platform delivers up to a four-fold increase in fiber reach over 1310 nm systems. It supports up to eight wavelengths per single fiber over link distances of 40 km with optical amplification and 25 km without optical amplification, for up to 1 GHz of both digital and analog content per wavelength. Operating in the 1550 nm band, SUPRALink is also more immune to impairment mechanisms of 1310 nm WDM systems and as a result is more robust.

Harmonic said its system can be scaled in one-wavelength increments, providing a simple, seamless, "pay-as-you grow" expansion path.

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