Wednesday, January 28, 2009

European Commission Drops Telecom Cases Against Five Countries

The European Commission closed five infringement proceedings against EU Member States (Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Luxembourg and Cyprus) after they took steps at national level to correct the problems.

The cases against Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia concerned the adoption of the single European emergency number (112), which has now become available in those countries. Thcase against Luxembourg concerned the reorganization of the Media and Communications department which ensures structural separation of regulatory and management functions, as requested in the EU Telecoms rules. The case against Cyprus related to rights of way (e.g. the possibility for public authorities to grant a telecoms provider the right to install facilities such as ducts, cables and masts in public places). This too has also been closed since measures were taken by the Cypriot authorities to ensure a timely provision of rights of way for the roll-out of fixed

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