Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cisco Backs Home Network Administration Protocol for Consumer Electronics

Cisco is backing the Home Network Administration Protocol (HNAP) as the means to provide a simple, secure and open approach for devices to be set up and configured with other devices on a home network.

Cisco will provide open licensing of its HNAP technology. The Cisco Device Connections Program provides manufacturers of networkable devices, such as PCs, cameras, routers/gateways, storage, media players, printers and others access to Cisco's Home Network Administration Protocol (HNAP) to license into their products.

Cisco said its Device Connections Program is intended to establish an ecosystem of vendors of interoperable networkable products that can work together so that customers can experience the full potential of the Media Enabled Home, including easy set up, device discovery, management, wireless security, remote access, etc.


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