Sunday, January 11, 2009

China's Guangzhou Digital Media Launches Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV

Guangzhou Digital Media Group has formally launched Zhujiang Digital

, a connected TV service powered by the Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV platform. Microsoft said this the first Mediaroom-enabled TV service to launch in China and the first time Mediaroom has been delivered over a cable network anywhere in the world.

The new service, available to residents in the Guangzhou region of China, also includes the first deployment of the Mediaroom Anytime feature set, which will take time-shifted TV to the next level in China. From launch, the Mediaroom-powered service will include the following key features:

  • High-definition content for live, recorded and on-demand TV

  • Mediaroom Anytime, which can be used to access previously aired shows from the Interactive Program Guide immediately restart currently airing programs without any preplanning or prior DVR recording

  • Video-on-demand features enabling users to view shows whenever they want

Microsoft noted that other Mediaroom customers include AT&T, BT and Deutsche Telekom, which together deliver connected TV services to nearly 2.5 million subscriber homes worldwide.

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