Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BridgeWave Supplies Gigabit Wireless Gear for State of Maryland

BridgeWave Communications announced a contract with the State of Maryland specifying BridgeWave as an approved gigabit wireless vendor for state and local agencies throughout the State of Maryland.

The Two-Way Radio Equipment and Services Master Contract includes BridgeWave Communications' entire catalogue of high-capacity 60-80 GHz products.

In addition, BridgeWave Communications noted that it is the only wireless vendor in the State of Maryland's Master Contract offering exclusive AdaptRate (AR) technology with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) feature. Unfavorable weather conditions like rain may at times interfere with ordinary outdoor wireless solutions' connectivity. BridgeWave's AR-enabled radios switch transmissions from GigE to 100 Mb/s data rates in times of torrential downpour to maintain a highly available link. Additionally, BridgeWave's advanced security products, including the AES feature add another layer of data protection to the inherently secure wireless links.

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