Wednesday, January 28, 2009

AT&T Moves 5,000 Outsourced Jobs Back In-House

AT&T announced a milestone in its program to move some 5,000 high-tech jobs that had previously been outsourced back to the payrolls of AT&T's U.S. operating companies. The vast majority of the jobs had been placed offshore by contract vendors.

AT&T said it has met its goal of bringing back on shore and in-house more than 3,000 jobs that previously had been outsourced by BellSouth outside the U.S., and it met its goal of completing this repatriation before the end of 2008. The bulk of these jobs are now located in broadband support centers in North Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and Kentucky, with most of the others scattered across states in the Southeast.

Separately, the company is more than halfway toward its goal of bringing back another 2,000 outsourced jobs to locations in the former SBC territory; states where these jobs have been located include Indiana, Texas, Nevada, Michigan and Arkansas. Most of the jobs provide support for wired broadband customers.

"These are good jobs with good wages and benefits, and we are delighted to have them back in-house and on shore. We applaud our union partners in the Communications Workers of America who worked with us to create competitive cost structures that allow us to meet the demands of this competitive market while still providing good domestic jobs," said Bill Blase, senior executive vice president of Human Resources.