Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alcatel-Lucent's Taiwan WiMAX Center Cites Momentum

Alcatel-Lucent highlighted key milestones in 2008 by its Taiwan WiMAX Center, which was established in cooperation with Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA). Some of the center's achievements include:

  • Interoperability testing: Collaborated with 8 Taiwan technology giants, including Asus, AWB/Accton, D-Link, Gemtek, MediaTek, QMI/Quanta, USI and Zyxel in interoperability testing of WiMAX terminal devices on 24 models, including indoor and outdoor CPE, PCMCIA/Express cards, USB dongles and WiMAX-enabled laptops.

  • Device certification: Enabled the ramp-up of Alcatel-Lucent's WiMAX Seal of Interoperability Acceptance for Commercial Services (SIACS), giving Alcatel-Lucent's operator customers the highest possible assurance of interoperability and quality. Award of SIACS to products provides WiMAX service operators with performance metrics for enhanced predictability. So far, devices from Zyxel, Quanta, Accton, and D-Link have been the Alcatel-Lucent SIACS.

  • Strengthening of cooperation between local manufacturers and global WiMAX service operators: In line with the Alcatel-Lucent Open Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) program, the center has actively facilitated contacts and cooperation between local CPE suppliers and WiMAX service providers worldwide, permitting the latter to offer their customers the widest variety and highest quality of devices. In the past year, the center has received WiMAX service operators, from Hong Kong, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Europe, and Australia to Taiwan and facilitated meetings with local CPE suppliers.

Under its new WiMAX strategy, Alcatel-Lucent said it is committed to continuing development of its WiMAX 802.16e (Rev-e) product line.