Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AIRCOM Launches Intelligent Optimization Service for Mobile Operators

AIRCOM International introduced a new platform that analyzes and optimizes cellular network performance, detects network problems and limitations, and reduces capital expenditures for network growth and 3G migration.

The key components of the AIRCOM IQ toolset include: a hardware audit that analyzes network and planning data and consolidates datasets, identifying missing and incomplete information; a measurement collection function that uses customer mobile measurement reports to characterise network performance and build analysis; an automated and flexible analysis toolset that detects network problems (e.g. swapped sectors, faulty transceivers, etc.); and automatic optimization that enhances performance by improving the configuration of the network.

AIRCOM said its new IQ optimization service would help mobile operators address the need for efficient optimization and management of their network infrastructure. Changes in business conditions, such as spectrum refarming and sharing, mean that 2G networks need to be revisited quickly and efficiently. AIRCOM IQ uses mobile measurement reports to determine 2G network performance as seen by terminals and for all users, both indoor and outdoor. Using a combination of switch and probe measurements, the AIRCOM solution provides optimization that is both accurate and simple. While the initial functionality of AIRCOM IQ is geared toward 2G networks, future enhancements will include 3G and 4G optimization, antenna reconfiguration, capacity management that leverages traffic information to provide new insights on user locations, parameter optimization and LTE/HSPA+ optimization.

"With 2G technologies still generating most of the revenue for operators and these networks requiring continuous optimization to respond to subscriber growth, AIRCOM IQ offers an ideal solution to reduce network-oriented operational expenditures through increased optimisation efficiency, capacity gains and better traffic management," said Marty Smuin, president of the Americas for AIRCOM International. "By creating efficient services that guarantee 2G performance improvements, operators can focus their operating expenditures on 3G and 4G technologies, new service offerings and network infrastructure growth."

AIRCOM IQ will be available from March 2009.

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