Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NTT Offers VoIP "Safe" Number to all Subscribers

NTT Com began offering a static VoIP phone number for receiving calls and having them transferred automatically to the customer's fixed or mobile phone to all owners of domestic phones, both fixed and mobile. Having a secondary VoIP number for transferring calls enables the customer to keep their personal fixed/mobile phone number confidential.

The service, known as "050 Anshin (Safe) Number," also allows calls to be routed directly to a voice mail server without being transferred to the customer's personal phone. In this case, the customer is notified via e-mail to call the message center when they receive voice mail.

The option of routing calls to one's personal phone or the message center can be changed via a website. Also, nonregistered phone numbers can be blocked.

NTT Com launched 050 Anshin (Safe) Number, initially for customers of its OCN ISP service, in September 2007. The service works only for incoming, not outgoing, calls and the user must have an account with an ISP.

The monthly fee is 525 yen (including tax). Customers using NTT Com's "PLATINUM LINE" discount telephone service receive a 52.5 yen off of the month fee.

Digicel Suriname Installs Solar-Powered Base Station with Ericsson

Digicel Group,

the largest mobile telecommunications operator in the Caribbean, has deployed a solar-powered base station site in remote areas of Suriname.

The solution is based on Ericsson's main remote GSM base station RBS 2111, which is one in a series of energy-optimized, base stations from Ericsson. It has a smaller environmental footprint than a standard base station, consuming up to 50 percent less energy. As part of the agreement, Ericsson will also supply MINI-LINK TN all-outdoor transmission, solar panels and battery back-up solutions. Ericsson will also be responsible for network deployment and systems integration.

Ericsson said the deployment marks a first in South America.

Ericsson's solar radio-site solution allows autonomous sites to be deployed in remote areas that have limited access to the electricity grid. It helps reduce total cost of ownership by cutting energy-related operating and maintenance costs. It also improves the environmental performance of mobile networks.

Ericsson Wins Systems Integration Role for Cable & Wireless Jamaica

Cable & Wireless Jamaica has named Ericsson as its long-term strategic business partner to upgrade and expand its network. Under the three-year agreement, Ericsson will be the Systems Integrator to transform Cable & Wireless' core network to a next-generation IP network, deploying Ericsson Mobile Softswitch and Mobile Packet Backbone Network solutions, as well as Ericsson Multi Mediation platform. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Ericsson will provide Cable & Wireless with systems integration services while facilitating the launch of a wide range of new and innovative next-generation broadband multimedia services, underpinning Cable & Wireless' subscriber demands.

Ericsson noted that its Systems Integration organization delivers more than 1000 systems-integration projects per year in multivendor and multi-technology environments. Projects range from single-solution integration projects to end-to-end solution transformation projects.

Malaysia's Fiberail Expands Optical Net with Alcatel-Lucent

Malaysia's is expanding its existing fiber network using equipment from Alcatel-Lucent. The Alcatel-Lucent optical solution enables Fiberail to extend its network along the railway corridor in both the western and eastern part of the Malaysian peninsula, as well as along the gas pipeline corridor on the east coast. The network will be able to carry voice, data and video traffic over a single platform, enabling Fiberail to address customer demand for advanced business applications such as Ethernet-based services, as well as popular residential applications such as triple play. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The project is based on Alcatel-Lucent's 1626 Light Manager and 1696 Metrospan, managed by the 1350 network management system.

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