Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emerson Unveils New MicroTCA Products

Emerson Network Power has enhanced its MicroTCA portfolio through increased software support, new and enhanced products and a wider range of operating system choices. New products include the AMC-9210, which is based on the Cavium OCTEON Plus high-performance, multi-core processor architecture.

In addition, Emerson Network Power will be adding three new storage AMCs to its family to support greater storage density and rugged applications, including:

  • AMC-S302 -- 80GB SATA Drive

  • AMC-S602 -- Dual 80GB Heavy Duty SATA Drives (doubles the slot density)

  • AMC-S502 -- 32GB Solid State SATA drive

The company's MicroTCA portfolio enhancement also includes support for the latest Linux operating systems from Wind River (Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition 2.0) and MontaVista (CGE 5.0).

Finally, the Embedded Computing business of Emerson Network Power introduced SpiderWareM3 platform management software for remote management, monitoring and maintenance of IPMI-compatible MicroTCA platforms. The software offers the capability to recognize and manage Advanced Mezzanine cards (AMCs) from various suppliers.http://www.EmersonNetworkPower.com/EmbeddedComputing

Major U.S. Cable Operators Agree on 2-Way Platforms

Sony Electronics and the six largest U.S. cable operators, including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Charter, Cablevision and Bright House Networks, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing the fundamentals for a competitive retail market for "two-way" digital cable-ready devices. The agreement addresses how such products will be brought to market with interactive services like video-on-demand, digital video recording and interactive programming guides. In addition, the agreement makes it clear that consumers will be able to enjoy a choice of differentiated two-way products at retail and through cable operators from a variety of consumer electronics and information technology manufacturers. The agreement includes safeguards to facilitate the development of a robust, two-way retail market and to ensure that cable operators can continue to develop and offer new competitive services.

Together, the six cable operators pass over 105 million U.S. homes and serve more than 82 percent of all U.S. cable subscribers.

The companies envision an open market where consumers can purchase "two-way" digital televisions and other devices that can receive interactive digital and high-definition video services without a set-top box.

As part of the agreement, the parties will adopt: the Java-based "tru2way" solution as the national interactive "plug-and-play" standard; new streamlined technology licenses; and new ways for content providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, information technology companies and cable operators to cooperate in evolving the tru2way technology at Cable Television Laboratories (CableLabs), the cable industry's research and development consortium.

Furthermore the companies expect the agreement will encourage the development and distribution of interactive and high-value digital content. Key elements of the agreement relate to the deployment of a platform for "write once, run anywhere" applications, and to the incorporation of secure digital interfaces that protect consumers' home recording rights along with copyright owners' rights to secure their digital content. Detailed terms of the MOU have not yet been released, while other potential signatories complete their review of the document.

"This is a landmark agreement which will provide a national, open and interactive platform resulting in more choices of services and products for consumers," said Kyle McSlarrow, NCTA President & CEO.

"We are pleased that this technical challenge has been addressed through a voluntary, private-sector solution," said Consumer Electronics Association President and CEO Gary Shapiro. "We look forward to working with our cable colleagues to ensure Americans across the country have access to high value cable content while using the equipment of their choosing."http://www.ncta.com/http://www.cablelabs.com

Mushroom Launches Broadband Bonding Device for SMBs

Mushroom Networks, a start-up based in San Diego, introduced its "Porcini" broadband bonding network appliance for combining the bandwidth of up to four broadband Internet connections of any type including DSL, cable, T1 into a single virtual high-speed link. The Ethernet-based Porcini device, which targets small and medium-sized businesses, also features an additional USB port that enables a fifth cellular data modem connection to be added to the overall mix.

Mushroom Networks' Porcini installs between the broadband modems and the local network at the user site without requiring any configuration changes to the existing network or coordination with the ISPs. This gives users the ability to mix and match various services from multiple providers delivering built-in network redundancy. If one or more of the bonded links fails or is degraded, Porcini transparently spreads the traffic across the remaining links in real-time without any interruptions resulting in maximal network uptime.

Additionally, Porcini features a built-in VoIP quality manager that can improve voice quality by minimizing latency for voice traffic both in outbound and inbound directions. Porcini also includes an internal router and stateful firewall capability that can be enabled by the user as needed. Other Internet services such as port-forwarding, port binding, WAN interface binding, static IP, dynamic IP, PPPoE, DHCP, DMZ, UPnP, Dynamic DNS and QoS are all supported. Porcini is now shipping with a list price of $1,595.

The Porcini is a slimmed version of the Mushroom Networks' TRUFFLE broadband bonding network appliance which was introduced earlier this year; The TRUFFLE BBNA combines multiple Internet access lines, each on a 10/100baseT Ethernet interface, into a single aggregated Internet access line for HTTP downlink traffic, again on a 10/100baseT Ethernet interface. The aggregation over the Internet access lines is done even for a single download session, providing the full aggregate speed. Additionally, session based intelligent load-balancing is provided for both downlink and uplink traffic as well as inbound load-balancing. The TRUFFLE BBNA6411 supports aggregation of up to 6 Internet access lines and 1 additional cellular data card. Each Internet access line may be through a DSL modem, cable modem, T1, satellite modem, fractional DS3, DS3, fiber, cellular or any other broadband connection.

Mushroom Networks is also seeking value added resellers, IT sales representatives, and broadband service providers who would like to offer broadband bonding capabilities to their customers.http://www.mushroomnetworks.com
  • Mushroom Networks was founded in 2004 as a spin-off from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD).

  • Mushroom Networks is headed by Dr. H. Cahit Akin (CEO and co-founder), who previously was a venture partner and then principal at ITU Ventures for 7 years, the venture capital arm of Brownstein Schnel Holdings.

Sprint, NetLogic Microsystems Join Road to 100G Alliance

Sprint Nextel and NetLogic Microsystems, a provider of knowledge-based processors, have joined
The Road to 100G Alliance as contributing members. The Road to 100G Alliance is a global community of leading hardware, software and equipment vendors, along with service providers, dedicated to accelerating the adoption and ongoing development of a new era of next generation networking platforms.http://www.roadto100g.org

Swisscom and Verizon Business Enter Strategic Alliance

Verizon Business and Swisscom announced an alliance to provide enhanced global service and support capabilities to Swiss multinational companies and companies with operations in the Swiss market. The companies have established a preferred partnership which will deliver network and information and communications technology services and solutions to their customers.

Swisscom customers with multinational operations will gain seamless access to Verizon Business' global network and solutions; Verizon Business customers with operations in the Swiss market will likewise be able to benefit from Swisscom's extensive local market expertise, dense infrastructure and customer service organization.

Both Swisscom and Verizon Business will continue to operate as usual within the Swiss market and globally to serve their respective customers not affected by this alliance.http://www.swisscom.ch


DSL Forum Approves New Testing Specification

The DSL Forum has approved a new specification aimed at making it easier for carriers to see deeper into the consumer's home network and quickly identify problems.

Specifically, The DSL Forum's Technical Report 143 (TR-143), "Network Service Provider initiated throughput performance testing",
defines Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) throughput performance test mechanisms using the framework established in the Forum's existing CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP), TR-069. By placing an agent into the home gateway router, TR-143 allows service providers to gather more extensive data, troubleshoot remotely, and test continuity, performance and response times - all of which are critical in providing quality next generation services, such as IPTV.

TR-143 was developed by the Forum's BroadbandHome Technical Working Group.

"TR-143 is key to filling the gap in the home networking industry - sophisticated remote testing and troubleshooting. Using this TR, service providers will improve the overall level of service they offer by identifying and resolving problems even before the customer is aware there is a problem," explains George Dobrowski, President and Chairman of the DSL Forum. "By managing the home network remotely and having the ability to capture more robust data, service providers will better meet the quality of experience expectations of their consumers."http://www.dslforum.org

Germany's Kabel BW Upgrades Cable Network with Nortel VoIP

Kabel BW, one of the largest cable operators in Germany, is delivering triple-play services and preparing to offer unified communications to businesses and residents using Nortel's VoIP solution. The upgrade features Nortel's Communication Server 2000, an IP multimedia softswitch that delivers network infrastructure services and supports a wide range of voice and multimedia features based on the open, industry-standard SIP protocol, which allows Kabel BW to also offer businesses unified communications solutions.

Kabel BW is offering residential customers an integrated package of VoIP, digital and analogue TV and high-speed Internet access - up to 32 Mbps downstream and 2.5 Mbps upstream.http://www.nortel.com

OKI to Spin-Off Semiconductor Business, Sell to ROHM

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. announced plans to spin-off its semiconductor business as a new company effective 01-October-2008.

Oki also confirmed plans to sell up to 95% of the shares in the new company to ROHM, Japan's eighth largest semiconductor firm.

The independent Oki Semiconductor Company will have approximately 6,000 employees and be based in Tokyo.


Verizon Business Offers Managed Unified Threat Management from Fortinet

Verizon Business has begun offering security monitoring and management services for Fortinet's FortiGate unified threat management (UTM ) platform. The Fortinet platform, which is immediately available in the United States, as well as many countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific, provides an additional choice for customers seeking an integrated firewall, antivirus, anti-spam, virtual private network (VPN), Web content filtering and intrusion prevention (IPS) protection appliance.

Earlier this year, Verizon Business globally launched its UTM monitoring and management service on two platforms: the Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliances) and the Juniper Networks Secure Services Gateway (SSG) Family.http://www.verizonbusiness.com/us/security

Ono Launches 100 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 Trial in Spain

ONO, a Spanish cable operator serving 6.9 million homes, is undertaking a DOCSIS 3.0 trial with the aim of launching services in major cities of Spain later this year. The trial is occurring in Valladolid. ONO said its DOCSIS 3.0 deployment should initially deliver Internet downlink speeds of 100 Mbps, later scaling to 200 Mbps and 400 Mbps. Other benefits are expected to include a graceful upgrade migration for the network, greater security via support for AES encryption, support for IPv6 and wider use of upstream spectrum from 42 MHz to 65 MHz.

As of the end of Q1 2008, ONO was serving 1,241,731 High Speed Internet customers. For 2007, ONO reported revenue of EUR 1.616 billion and EUR 642 million in EBITDA,http://www.ono.es

Cable & Wireless and Thus Confirm Merger Talks

Cable & Wireless noted the recent movement in the share price of Thus Group plc ("Thus") and confirmed that it has made a preliminary approach to the Board of Thus in relation to a possible offer for the company.

In a statement, THUS said it is confident in its future as an independent group, and that its Board remains focused on delivering maximum value for shareholders and will evaluate any proposal from any third party against the value that the company can deliver as an independent group.

THUS is a UK-focused business telecommunications company with a nationwide network with 10,500km of fibre optic cable with more than 190 points of presence. Its portfolio comprises four key market segments: data, voice, Internet and hosting. The company reported revenue of GBP 533 million for the year ended March 2007.http://www.cw.comhttp://www.thus.net
  • Scottish Power founded THUS plc in Scotland in November 1994 under the name Scottish Power Telecommunications Holdings Ltd. Scottish Power Telecommunications Holdings Ltd rebranded as THUS plc in October 1999 before floating on the London Stock Exchange in November 1999.

ECI Telecom Supplies its XDM Platform in Dominican Republic

Consorcio Energ├ętico Punta Cana--Macao (CEPM), a privately-owned energy consortium, has selected ECI Telecom's optical solution as it enters the telecommunications market in the Dominican Republic. CEPM is building a new fiber network and has chosen ECI to deliver the optical infrastructure. Specifically, CEPM is deploying ECI's XDM Multi-Service Provisioning and Transport Platform (MSPP/MSTP) solution. CEPM will provide transport capacity from the Caribbean NAP, located in the Parque Cibern├ętico Santo Domingo, to the eastern most part of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana. ECI will supply CEPM and its customers with WDM, SONET and Ethernet capabilities to improve traffic and increase the number of available services to the surrounding and expanding resorts and airports.http://www.ecitele.comhttp://www.cepm.com.do

Russia's Golden Telecom Selects ECI for Metro DWDM/ROADM

Russia's Golden Telecom, part of the VimpelCom Group, has selected ECI Telecom's XDM "All-Range" ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexer) and Multi-Service Transport Platform (MSTP) to expand its network capacity in and around the city of Moscow.

Specifically, Golden Telecom will deploy ECI's DWDM solution with 10-degree WSS ROADM in major sites across the Moscow Transport Network, allowing for forecast-tolerant and easy and quick provisioning of services. ECI's LightSoft network manager will provide simplified management of all networks layers - SDH, data and the optical layer - enabling end-to-end provisioning under a single, unified management platform.

ECI said the deployment of its XDM All-Range solution will allow for reduction in OPEX (operating expenses) stemming from improved provisioning cycles, and CAPEX (capital expenditure) savings generated by the platform's capabilities for cost effective deployment of the carrier's region-wide fiber network built.

Golden Telecom is a leading facilities-based provider of integrated telecommunications and Internet services in major population centers throughout Russia and other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States ("CIS"). The VimpelCom Group includes companies operating in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia and Armenia. The VimpelCom Group's GSM and 3G license portfolio covers a territory with a population of about 250 million across Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia and Armenia.http://www.ecitele.com http://www.vimpelcom.com

New Zealand's Orcon Selects Juniper for Carrier Ethernet

New Zealand's Orcon has deployed Juniper Networks MX960 Ethernet Services Routers and E120 Broadband Services Routers to increase the capacity and performance of its network infrastructure. Orcon will also deploy the SRC and C-series Controllers, part of Juniper's Session and Resource Control portfolio, to enable policy based control over network resources. Orcon is offering or planning to offer--including high-speed transport and VPN services, next-generation broadband multiplay services and high-volume Internet data center internetworking. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Juniper's MX960 platform offers up to 960 Gbps of switching and routing capacity for the network core. At the network edge, Orcon will upgrade its existing E-series routers with the newer, high capacity Juniper Networks E120 Broadband Service Router. Orcon broadband customers will connect to the E120 across a variety of access technologies including wholesale DSL, ADSL2+, metro Ethernet and wireless connectivity.

Orcon is New Zealand's fourth largest telecommunications provider, providing calling and Internet services to residential and business customers.The company is owned by Kordia, one of the largest telecommunications networks in New Zealand. Kordia is a major provider of television and radio broadcast facilities.http://www.juniper.nethttp://www.orcon.net.nz/

Indonesia's PT Telkom Selects Alcatel-Lucent for Carrier Ethernet

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (PT Telkom), the incumbent fixed telephone service provider in Indonesia, has chosen Alcatel-Lucent's carrier Ethernet solution to offer advanced services to businesses across a unified IP/MPLS infrastructure. The deployment encompasses nearly 300 exchanges being deployed by Alcatel-Lucent in greater Jakarta, West Java, Kalimantan and Sumatra, making it the largest carrier Ethernet network in the country. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The deployment includes the Alcatel-Lucent's 7750 Service Router, 7450 Ethernet Service Switch, 7250 Service Access Switch and 7705 Service Aggregation Router - all managed end-to-end by the Alcatel-Lucent 5620 Service Aware Manager. http://www.alcatel-lucent.com

Qualcomm Updates its Bluetooth Silicon

Qualcomm introduced the latest addition to its line of Bluetooth solutions for handset manufacturers. Qualcomm's new BTS4025 system-on-a-chip (SoC) -- which is now sampling -- offers full support for the latest Bluetooth 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) specification, as well as improved radio-frequency performance in a significantly smaller, more power-efficient package than previous Bluetooth chips. Qualcomm's BTS4025 SoC solution is optimized for interfacing with certain Mobile Station Modem (MSM) chipsets and Qualcomm Single Chip (QSC) solutions that provide the complete Bluetooth upper layer stack and profiles, giving device manufacturing partners complete turnkey Bluetooth solutions for mobile handsets.

Qualcomm said its BTS4025 SoC's compact 3.2 x 2.9mm chip scale package is significantly smaller than any comparable solution. The solution extends battery life by reducing the stand-by current consumption by up to 50 percent when the device is scanning for other Bluetooth devices.
The first handsets using the new chips are expected to be available on the market later this year.