Saturday, May 17, 2008

Motorola Launches Multi-Line eMTA for Cable Operators

Motorola launched a ruggedized, modular embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter (M-eMTA) for multi-line IP voice and high-speed data (HSD) services from one device. Motorola's SURFboard M-eMTA platform can be applied to both multi-tenant businesses and multi-dwelling residential installations to extend broadband coverage to customers. Because the M-eMTA can be located outdoors or in a utility closet, customers no longer need to be available or at home for the cable company to install services or make repairs.

Motorola Showcases Cable Platforms

At this week's Cable Show in New Orleans, Motorola will unveil its advanced advertising portfolio, among other products aimed at MSOs. Demonstrations on the booth integrate Motorola's switched digital video (SDV) platform, Motorola's Advanced On Demand platform, the latest Motorola CherryPicker CAP-1000 and the new Motorola APEX1000 Edge QAM. Motorola said these integrated products show the potential for delivering targeted content - be it entertainment or advertising, linear or on demand programming -- with existing equipment and incremental software upgrades.

Motorola is introducing its SmartStream Terminal Data Collector (STDC), which is a set-top diagnostics solution to the company's broader service assurance portfolio. The STDC provides remote collection and presentation of detailed diagnostic set-top data and will be shown in conjunction with the Motorola NBBS Device Management Platform.

To facilitate increased demand for HD content distribution, Motorola will also showcase the new DSR-6050 IRD solution for seamlessly converting programmer's new MPEG-4 HD feeds to the cable-compatible MPEG-2 format .

Motorola will also show its BSR 64000 cable modem termination system (CMTS) - newly recognized with CableLabs DOCSIS 3.0 bronze qualification - as well as a live demonstration of the Motorola TX32 decoupled downstream module, which is designed to increase downstream capacity in the CMTS by more than 500 percent. Motorola will also exhibit other ultra-broadband technologies, including passive optical network (PON) solutions for cable operators, and our DOCSIS 3.0- certified SURFboard cable modems.