Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Verizon Pitches FiOS TV to Philadelphia

Verizon made a pitch to the Philadelphia City Council Committee on Public Property and Public Works to install its all-fiber-optic network and bring real TV choice to more than 600,000 households throughout the city. The company is seeking franchise agreement from the city.

Key points of Verizon's proposal:

  • Verizon plans to bring fiber optics directly to every Philadelphian's home. More than 600,000 households will have access to FiOS TV, including households in multiple dwelling units.

  • The full deployment of Verizon's FTTP network throughout the entire city will occur within seven years of the franchise ordinance's effective date.

  • The network will deliver an all-digital FiOS TV lineup, including VOD.

  • Payment of franchise fees equivalent to 5 per cent of gross revenues on cable TV service.

  • Payment to the city of $2 million for a technology and education fund.

  • Payment of $9.2 million in grants to support the city's public, education and government access channels.

  • Up to 15 all-digital public, educational and governmental access channels for use by the city or its Public Access Corporation over the life of the agreement.

  • An extensive and appropriate set of customer service provisions.