Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sunrise Debuts 40G/43G Network Test System

Sunrise Telecom introduced a 40G/43G test system designed to verify the performance of high-bandwidth synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH), optical transport networks (OTN) and SONET networks.

Sunrise said that unlike single purpose 40G testers, its STT platform allows users to test a wide range of Ethernet up to 10GbE, SONET/SDH, xWDM and ROADM technologies in a single platform. An optional 10/10.7G drop feature gives technicians the ability to drop test signals to lower rate instruments and perform complementary tests. This feature is especially valuable in lab settings where technicians often need to map lower rate signals coming from a network element, simulator, or analyzer to 40/43G links.

"As super-high-bandwidth links, like OTU3, STM-256 or OC-768 carry more user traffic, a single failure could have a catastrophic impact on a large subscriber base and create a major crisis for service or transport providers. Communications providers need powerful and comprehensive testing procedures and tools to appropriately provision these mission critical circuits," said Bahaa Moukadam, Sunrise Telecom's vice president of marketing. http://www.sunrisetelecom.com/.