Wednesday, December 3, 2008

PureWave Raises $12 Million for 4G Basestations

PureWave Networks, a start-up based in Mountain View, California. secured $12 million in Series B funding for its development of 4G wireless base stations.

PureWave said its goal is to transform the economics of WiMAX and LTE, through a combination of advanced technology, an innovative product offering and the most cost-effective products. The company is developing small form-factor WiMAX base stations, which combine the power, performance and sophisticated features of a traditional macro base station, with the small footprint and competitive pricing of pico base stations. The products will leverage advanced beamforming technology that optimizes spectral efficiency, data throughput and range. The small form-factor WiMAX base stations are designed for all outdoor installation, are tower, pole or wall mountable and require no indoor shelter.

Two new venture funds -- ATA Ventures and Leapfrog Ventures - have joined Pure Wave's existing investors, which include Allegis Capital and Benhamou Global Ventures, in successfully completing the funding round.

  • Pure Wave is headed by Gideon Ben-Efraim , who has served as a Chairman of the company from September 2006 and as CEO since January 2007. Prior to joining PureWave Networks, Gideon was CEO and founder of Go Networks from inception in 2003 until its merger with Nextwave Wireless, Inc. (WAVE) in December 2006. Gideon also served as Netro's founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman for 9 years since the inception in November 1994 and led the IPO of the company in 1999.

  • Pure Wave's technical team is led by Dan Picker (CTO), who previously spent nearly 12 years at Nokia, where he was globally responsible for all software and hardware platform development for their CDMA phones. He was also co-responsible for the design and development of Nokia's highly regarded CDMA Integration Test Platform, a flexible multi-base station network emulator, four generations of which have been globally deployed.