Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nortel Selects Verizon IP Trunking Service

Nortel has selected Verizon IP Trunking service with Burstable Enterprise Shared Trunks (BEST), which will enable Nortel to consolidate its U.S. corporate voice infrastructure. Under a new three-year agreement, Nortel will evolve its traditional voice system to Verizon IP Trunking VoIP service, which is based on SIP. In addition, Verizon Business will manage Nortel's existing Verizon Private IP network, enabling Nortel to benefit from expanded managed network service capabilities and industry-leading service level agreements. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The BEST feature, which Verizon Business introduced earlier this year, is an on-demand networking capability that enables customers to use idle trunk capacity from one or more locations to dynamically accommodate increases in traffic at other locations, providing more design flexibility and reducing the total number of trunks required across the enterprise. Two key Verizon IP Trunking features that enable the Nortel solution include DID (direct inward dial) transport to a Nortel central access point, and E911 support.

The centralized SIP-based trunking solution that Nortel is implementing marries two key elements: Nortel's Communications Server (CS) 2100, which is a carrier-grade, centralized call server, and Verizon IP Trunking with BEST. http://www.nortel.com