Sunday, December 7, 2008

AppTrigger Introduces Ignite Application Session Controller – ServiceExtender

AppTrigger continues to enhance its Ignite Application Session Controller (ASC) , which ensures "any to any" application connectivity between legacy and next generation networks,

as well as competing architectural agendas between vendors. AppTrigger's platform resides between the application layer and the control plane with the purpose of delivering call/session control, signaling, switching and media capabilities.

Newly released Version 10.0 of the platform introduced ServiceExtender capabilities, enabling service providers to extend existing revenue-producing voice services to NGN/IMS build outs while also enabling Next Gen applications the ability to leverage the large subscriber base within their legacy networks. AppTrigger said its new ASC ServiceExtender provides benefits for both "old to new" as well as "new to old" application extension. Specifically, the ASC ServiceExtender provides:

  • Flexibility: Service Providers retain control of their applications versus a more vendor dependent model

  • Simplicity: Easy to manage and adapt via toolkit versus complex, proprietary solutions

  • Cost Savings: Greater savings in both CAPEX & OPEX as opposed to traditional stove piped solutions.

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