Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Virtela Joins Carbon Free Meeting Coalition

Virtela has joined the Carbon Free Meeting Coalition, an organization that serves as a conduit of like-minded companies interested in reducing carbon emissions through the use of advanced communication technologies.

The Carbon Free Meeting Coalition is dedicated to helping companies and individuals gain the knowledge, information and resources they need to help their organization reduce its carbon footprint through the use of advanced communication technologies.

With its multi-carrier network model, Virtela's Secure Video Extranet service overcomes the challenges typically associated with videoconferencing between partner communities, where endpoints often reside on different carriers and Internet peering to connect them adds jitter, latency and packet loss that can severely impact video quality. Virtela optimizes video calls between partners via its multi-carrier network and also ensures security posture as trusted and untrusted environments become linked.http://www.c02fmc.comhttp://www.virtela.com