Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NSN Launches its Next Generation IPTV Solution

Nokia Siemens Networks unveiled its latest IPTV software release, Home Entertainment Release 3.0, featuring User Interface (UI) customization capabilities, third party application integration and new management tools and verification processing. Whereas IPTV developments to date have typically been a closed exercise, Nokia Siemens Networks said its aim is to pursue an open model by offering a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows for third-party customizable User Interface development on HTML and Java. This should allow IPTV operators to customize and enhance their offerings by themselves.

Specifically, Nokia Siemens Networks is decoupling the User Interface layer from the application layer by using ready-to-use building blocks like so-called Scriptables and Plug-ins, allowing for Internet Web2.0 type applications to integrate within an IPTV system quickly and cost effectively.

Home Entertainment Release 3.0 supports HDTV, DVR, VOD and Caller ID. Availability for North America is scheduled for the first quarter of 2009.

"The IPTV industry must take a leap forward beyond a proprietary, vendor-only development model, and leverage the proven internet model for introducing open and flexible applications and services," added Brook Longdon, Global Head of IPTV Solutions, Nokia Siemens Networks. "The industry is at a crossroad of being able to blend the world of Web2.0 with that of traditional linear broadcast offerings, and the next generation IPTV solution we are launching today will help accelerate that reality."http://www.nsn.com