Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nokia Opens Research Laboratory in Hollywood, USA

Nokia has established its newest research laboratory in Hollywood, California, in order to work with the media & entertainment industry on new entertainment concepts.

Specifically, web and TV. With a strong emphasis on entertainment and associated experiences, research topics will include mixed reality, content creation and user interface experiences, among others. In addition to recruiting from and collaborating with the Hollywood entertainment, media and art communities, the laboratory plans to further collaborate with the leading universities in the region such as University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of Southern California (USC).

Nokia Research Center noted that it also has collaborative efforts underway with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University in the US, the University of Cambridge, UK and Tsinghua University, China. This year Nokia Research Center announced a joint research program with two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Lausanne and Zurich (EPFL and ETH Zurich) and opened a lab on the campus of Helsinki University of Technology in Finland.


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