Monday, November 3, 2008

Motorola Applauds FCC TV Whitespaces Decision

Motorola applauded the FCC to approve rules for Television White Space (TVWS). Motorola noted that in many areas in the United States, television channels lie fallow because broadcasters only occupy a certain number of channels in every television market. By allowing the use of TVWS, the FCC is advancing access to broadband services, especially in rural areas where broadband is more limited.

As part of the FCC's decision, power limits have been imposed on TVWS devices to ensure there is no interference to television signals and other permitted users within the television band. In particular, the FCC is requiring the first group of approved devices to include geo-location technology. Geo-location devices provide extremely accurate protection by using a database to determine available channels based on the precise location of the device.

Motorola noted that it has been a leader in developing and implementing the geo-location technology approved by the FCC. During the FCC's eight-month laboratory and field testing, Motorola's device was 100 percent successful in identifying television signals and preventing interference.

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