Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mobile manufacturers Launch Energy Rating Guide

LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung Electronics and Sony Ericsson have launched a common energy rating system for chargers, making it easier for consumers to compare and choose the one that saves the most energy. Around two thirds of the energy used by mobile devices is lost when chargers are disconnected from the phone but left plugged into the wall socket.

The new rating system indicates how much energy each charger uses when left plugged into the wall socket after charging is completed. The ratings covers all chargers currently sold by the five companies, and range from five stars for the most efficient chargers down to zero stars for the ones consuming the most energy. If the more than three billion people owning mobile devices today switched to a four or five star charger, this could save the same amount of energy each year as produced by two medium sized power plants.

Nokia said that over the last decade it has reduced the amount of no-load energy consumption of the average chargers by 70 per cent and by 90 per cent in its best in class chargers.

In 2008, Motorola began incorporating "unplug alerts" in its phones to remind users to unplug the charger after it charges.http://www.nokia.com/chargerenergy