Monday, November 24, 2008

Interoute Deploys 60 Gbps Capacity in 48 Hours with Infinera

Interoute, which operates a pan-European fiber network, worked around the clock to replace a 1,200 km section on one of its largest customer's network that was experiencing rapid degradation. It took just 48 hours from "order to delivery" for Interoute to provide 60 Gbps of connectivity. Interoute's service provider customer had acquired another telecom operator which already owned a large international optical network. After the acquisition, the unprecedented daily volume of data and IP traffic now utilizing the route necessitated an immediate and substantial upgrade.

Interoute operates an Infinera optical network across that same route. The companies said new Infinera modules required for the additional 60 Gbps capacity arrived at the sites in a matter of hours, and the Infinera system took just minutes to bring up the capacity, test it to confirm it was running error-free, and begin carrying customer traffic. Most of the time required to complete the job was consumed in providing the additional connectivity from the customer's network to Interoute's Infinera network.

"Managing to activate 60 Gbps of bandwidth in less than 48 hours has made us extremely proud and emphasized again the first-rate quality of our network, and especially our Infinera optical network, as well as the total dedication of our people," said Interoute CEO Gareth Williams.http://www.interoute.com