Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hughes Brings WiMAX + WiFi + Satellite Backhaul to Amazonas

Hughes do Brasil has won a public tender and signed a 36-month contract with PRODAM - Data Processing Company of the State of Amazonas, to deploy a turnkey broadband network solution that combines WiMAX and WiFi access technologies with satellite backhaul. The goal is for PRODAM to provide high-speed wireless Internet access service to customers throughout all 61 municipalities of Amazonas, including government agencies, small businesses, and the public at large.

Hughes will install and operate WiMAX and WiFi wireless base stations in every municipality, together with over 900 wireless customer premises terminals, all as an integrated service delivered over its nationwide HughesNet broadband satellite network. Each base station includes a high performance, Hughes HX broadband satellite router, which manages the backhauling of the IP traffic over satellite channels to the HX hub located in Manaus, the state capital. In Manaus, the hub is connected to PRODAM's data center and to the Internet.

The contract calls for completion of the installation process within twelve months. In the first phase, 15 municipalities will receive the service, which includes the WiMAX network connecting various public agencies and a Wi-Fi hotspot for wireless public Internet access. Financial terms were not disclosed.

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