Tuesday, November 4, 2008

HP Launches New BladeSystem for Telcos

HP expanded its portfolio of carrier-grade systems with a blade platform designed to help wired and wireless service providers reduce costs and efficiently expand capacity. The new HP Integrity NonStop NB50000c-cg Carrier-grade (CG) BladeSystem is a NEBS Level 3 chassis designed for 24/7 availability, extreme scalability and high performance while offering the modular flexibility of the existing HP c-Class BladeSystem platform.

The company said its HP Integrity NonStop CG BladeSystem provides significant performance gains over its predecessors and occupies less physical space in crowded central offices and data centers. Compared to the HP Integrity NonStop NS5000CG server, it delivers twice the performance in half the physical footprint. Compared to equivalent HP NonStop S-Series carrier-grade servers, it offers up to four times the processing capacity in half the footprint.

The service availability and scalability of the HP Integrity NonStop CG BladeSystem make it it suitable for uses such as the popular HP OpenCall Home Location Register (HLR). This solution supports more than 200 million mobile subscribers worldwide.

In addition, the platform supports many Intelligent Network applications, including network enablers for both text and multimedia messaging as well as location services. Business and operations support systems (BSS and OSS) also can be hosted on the HP Integrity NonStop CG Platform. To support advanced services, the platform is ready for networks that include Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) technologies, such as the HP OpenCall Home Subscriber Server, which handles core mobility functions.

The HP Integrity NonStop CG BladeSystem features a new telecom-specific input/output (I/O) infrastructure that leverages standards-based processing engines called Cluster I/O Modules (CLIMs). By offloading specific processing tasks from the host HP NonStop server, the CLIMs increase performance and reduce I/O and storage processing costs.

The new platform ships with three carrier-grade CLIMs, with others to follow in 2009:

  • An IP CG CLIM for system networking protocols, IPSec and Ethernet connectivity;

  • A Storage CG CLIM for various HP storage disks and arrays; and

  • A Telecom CLIM that handles the M3UA layer for Signaling System 7 messages over a digital, IP-based system.

"Verizon Wireless has built the nation's most reliable wireless network, and HP NonStop technology has played a critical part in that success," said Dan Belenets, executive director, National Network Operations, Verizon Wireless. "We think the HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystem will provide superior reliability, greater performance and reduced costs."

HP also offers a commercial, enterprise-class counterpart to the HP Integrity NonStop CG BladeSystem.http://www.hp.com/go/nonstop/bladesystem/telco

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