Sunday, November 30, 2008

H3C Selects RMI's XLS Processor for SMB Gateways

H3C Technologies has selected RMI's Multi-Core Multi-Threaded XLS Processor for a series of products, including the SR66xx series secure routers, the ICG 2200 series information communication gateway, low-end security, wireless AC and switch products. The H3C ICG 2200 (Information Communication Gateway) is a unified communications system that integrates functions of router, switch, firewall, VPN, IAD, wireless AP and accelerator into single box, providing unified communications services through WAN, LAN, VoIP, direct-line, wireless and EPON interfaces.

RMI's XLS Processor is a feature-rich general purpose processor with application specific autonomous hardware accelerators and multiple on-chip interconnect options providing an ideal combination of high level programmability, performance scalability, and intelligent packet management. The XLS Processor enables integrated control plane, data plane, and security processing in a single System-on-a-Chip (SuperSoC) solution.http://www.RMICorp.com

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