Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ekinops Introduces 40G Wave Bonding Technology

Ekinops introduced 40 Gbps capabilities for its multi-reach long-haul, regional, and metro transport aggregation platform. The new 40G Wave Bonding technology provides the ability to transport both native 40G and 4 x 10 Gbps payloads.

The first application of the Wave Bonding technology will target higher channel counts at 10G using a 4x10G Muxponder to multiplex four 10G payloads onto a 40G wavelength. Wave Bonding will allow Ekinops to achieve up to 320 channels, all in the C-Band spectrum, at 10G.

Ekinops said that because other 40 Gbps systems don't transmit as far as 10G systems, customers who want to move up from 10G to 40G over longer links find that they need to install regeneration equipment. Ekinops' Wave Bonding technology enables delivery of 40G with essentially the same performance characteristics as its 10G transmission. That includes the ability to reach hundreds of kilometers with no in-line amplification and a total distance of 2,000 kilometers with full channel counts on the Ekinops 360 transport system.

In addition to the use of Wave Bonding, Ekinops said it is leveraging new "DynaFEC" technology to enable 40G to achieve a reach similar to 10G. DynaFEC is the highest-gain forward error correction technology on the market, according to the company, allowing for cost-effective transport by providing gain through software rather than more expensive hardware components.

The initial offering in early 2009 features a 4x10G muxponder, enabling 160 channels of 10G transmission. Later in 2009, Ekinops will deliver a 40G serial interface, and at that point be able to offer 320 channels of 10G, or 80 channels of 40G, all in the C-Band spectrum.

  • Ekinops' technical team is led by Jean-Luc Pamart, an FEC expert who has been awarded 7 patents in optical transmission. Before joining Ekinops, Mr. Pamart was Director of Hardware Development at Corvis-Algety in Lannion, France. Previous to that, he held various R&D positions at Alcatel within its Submarine and Terrestrial Division, and Optical Network Transmission business unit.

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