Monday, November 17, 2008

Ditech Networks Launches Bluetooth Solution For Headsets

Ditech Networks introduced a voice quality solution for Bluetooth headsets and hands-free car kits that leverages the same algorithms that already have been deployed and proven in mobile networks worldwide.

Ditech's VQABlue's suite of DSP-based algorithms, which is now being licensed to Bluetooth original design manufacturers (ODMs), includes technologies that improve voice quality for the caller, in addition to the person called. Current solutions make it easier for the person being called to understand speech, but the person making the call doesn't notice any difference in call quality. ODMs now can design products that benefit both. Ditech noted that VQABlue's full feature set is available with a MIPS and memory footprint that is less than standard industry solutions.

VQABlue is available for both single- and dual-microphone implementations. Algorithms are available separately or in multiple packages based on customer needs:

  • Adaptive Noise Cancellation: Operates on both incoming and outgoing calls up to 30dB SNR, and delivers superior non-stationary noise reduction for wind noise.

  • Acoustic Echo Control: Operates on both incoming and outgoing calls, controlling echo with up to 15dB WAEPL, and on echo delays up to 400ms.

  • Enhanced Voice Intelligibility: Improves speech clarity by dynamically modifying the speech spectrum to compensate for the ambient noise characteristics of the listener's environment. This algorithm is also effective in correcting voice quality problems caused by low bit-rate codecs in mobile networks.

  • Adaptive Listener Enhancement: Detects background noise in the listener's environment, and automatically adjusts speech volume for the headset owner.

  • VQABlue Configuration Manager: A software tool to dynamically tune the algorithms and their performance.


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