Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cisco Launches a Go-to-Market Program for Global Channel Partners

Cisco is launching a go-to-market program designed to help its channel partners collaborate with each other to better serve multinational customers. Up until now, many multinational customers expanding internationally have engaged in separate transactions with local Cisco resellers in each country of their operations. The new program is built around a transaction-based partner collaboration model.

Specifically, the Cisco Global Resale Agent model provides each "host" partner with policies, processes and tools that enable it to select another Cisco partner as an agent in a different country. The agent can act on the host partner's behalf for the resale of Cisco technologies to new multinational customers.

Cisco said this new model provides local partners with "global rights" to select another partner in a different geography to deliver Cisco technology solutions on its behalf. After the host and agent partner engage in and complete a business transaction, the local partner buys the Cisco solution and invoices the customer locally.

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