Monday, November 17, 2008

Cisco and IBM Target TelePresence for Retail Banking

Cisco and IBM announced a TelePresence solution help enable retail banks to use their experts more efficiently for direct client interaction regardless of where they are located or which delivery channel (e.g. phone, Internet, video, telepresence, etc.) they are using for communications.

Cisco TelePresence for Banking will allow users to experience virtual face-to-face interactions with others in any global location, and it eliminates the cost, time and carbon footprint associated with physically traveling to meetings. The joint IBM/Cisco solution integrates bank client access channels, such as kiosks, PDAs, cell phones, Internet, and voice response (telephone), to provide a consistent quality user experience to banking clients. Optimized Self-Service integrates delivery channels using tested and integrated Cisco Unified Communications Manager and IBM Lotus offerings. Contact Center integration provides the ability to quickly identify and locate subject-matter experts to provide efficient customer service through voice or video interaction that is delivered to the channel the client is using.

The companies said telepresence could help retail banks transform their collaboration at three levels:

  • Enhanced customer interaction through remote expert support in the bank branch or in new market penetration

  • Intercompany collaboration (for example, bank to outsource partner)

  • Internal efficiencies through reduced travel and consistent executive communications

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